eCPD gives you top quality learning at your fingertips, whenever you want it! We have designed eCPD to work how we want to learn...easy access at anytime, no fuss, great content, and content there when you need reminding!...

How To Use

Download the app from your store using the links below…


Register with your work email address (or home one if you are a patient) and if you work in the health service you can use the second email address to automatically copy your completed modules to your mentor, supervisor or learning department. We hope this feature will be helpful, but you don’t need to use it..

We store the details so we can retrieve them if you lose your phone (hope not, but it does happen…don’t fish with your phone in your shirt pocket is Colin’s advice…). We also look at the usage data to check on how popular modules are, and to source more content (who knew the insatiable demand of clinical librarians?). We also use the data for our safety loop….if a significant change in practice occurs, or there is a safety alert, we will email you, and flag the new modules as high priority.

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Set your profile…you can change it at any time…we know that your learning will change as you get promoted to Chief Executive. You can select multiple options..we know that most people aren’t just ‘one’ of anything. Most people who work in the health services are also patients… The profile will help us to show you modules we think you will like most, but again just ignore our suggestions (many do…) and go free range via the search option.


We hope it’s pretty intuitive, but tap the module you want to do, check the details and press start…the learning material comes up as a list…open the resource page and enjoy! Some modules have a mixture of material..make sure you do all the parts. There is a test at the end of most of the modules (you have to prove you know your stuff to get the points!). Some modules may have a test at the beginning, or halfway through, so you can see how much you know beforehand.

You can browse all the modules using the ‘search’ option..and you can look at ‘all’ modules or browse by topic, or look for a specific term.

If there is a change in practice that is important, we will send an alert to all those who have done the relevant modules, and replace the learning with the new stuff. We also can issue safety alerts if needed. We wont do this lightly, but we do want to help keep patients safe!


eCPD is designed to not only enable you to indulge your intellectual curiosity, but also to be able to sit down with your colleagues, supervisor or mentor and devise a personal development plan suite from the modules…simply select the module, click the priority buttons, and the modules will be added to your priority page.

For those odd 2-5 minutes, use the less formal structured modules by reflecting on our thoughts for the day….designed to make you wonder, think and smile…

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If you don’t get all the questions right (not many of us are perfect at first attempt!), you can redo the test – it will show you which questions you got wrong, and you can go back to the learning material to review bits where you are having trouble. Our questions are designed to test your understanding…not just to get the right answers, so read them carefully, and think about the source learning as you work.

After the test you can automatically copy the email sent to confirm your success to your boss/colleague/mentor/learning department using the second email address set on your profile. Obv dont spam your learning department with module confirmations that you have done for interest..but they might like to confirm when you have done the core learning they need to record.


Do rate the modules…if you like the content give credit! Also if you are an expert in the field (or a well informed amateur!) and there is a content problem, let us know via the report a problem button…we will get it sorted.

We have all been on courses, thought they were great and got the handout. Then, some months later were doing something and thought…what I need to know was on that course, and I can’t remember exactly what…..aaargh! We have designed the app to make sure that you always have the material available – for those moments when you really need it, (as well those moments when you you want to impress….).


Add to the learning…you will know of great articles/video content/websites that others should know about…you can create modules too! You will get authorship credit when they are published, and you can also claim portfolio and CPD credit for creating new e-learning modules.

Our editorial team will curate and quality assure the modules. It is amazing what you learn while creating modules for others!….Go wild and create a whole new course, using the level 1, level 2 progression!

We have a system where we automatically review content every 1-2 years (the eCPD time-bomb) to make sure content is current. Our editorial board will curate modules and respond to any problems that are raised by users (we know you are a feisty bunch!).


Most important…have fun and indulge your curiosity! Let us bring you what we think is really good stuff that you will be better for knowing! Every best wish..the eCPD team!

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